Spring Consignment: March & April

In March we'll continue taking early Spring items but will still take some mid-weight pieces as well. No more wools or heavy coats. We'll take lightweight leather jackets and ankle boots selectively through March.
We'll start taking capris & sandals during the end-of March and in April and very summery items like shorts and summer dresses should wait until May.

In addition we are now taking year-round clothing pieces including jeans, short + long-sleeve blouses, mid-weight sweaters, closed toe shoes, one-piece swimsuits, special occasion wear, etc.

**We have a specific need for size 9 & 10 shoes and designer purses!**

As usual, please review the consignment guidelines and contact us if you have any questions or need to make an appointment.
NO CONSIGNMENT will be accepted March 8th - 11th due to the storewide sale.