Consignment Best Practices: Seasonality

We’re sharing strategies for consignment success in our Consignment Best Practices Series.

While Seattle has a temperate climate and there are many items we do take year-round, we still have four distinct seasons. Our consignment period is 100 days, so in general you want to think about what people will be purchasing in the coming three months. 

We often hear, “but I wear sandals all year…” or “but I wear my fleece in the summer….” That may be true, yet we are focused on when people purchase these items, not wear them. Shoppers primarily buy seasonal items at the beginning to middle of the season for increased usage and value for their money. You will maximize the selling potential of your pieces when you bring them in at the beginning of each season.

Inventory goes on sale at the end of the consignment period and during our storewide sales that take place during seasonal changes to maximize space and to make room for new, seasonally appropriate pieces.

Below are GENERAL GUIDELINES for the type of items we accept each month/season. Please remember these may be adjusted and it is always best to review our current guidelines - which are updated each month on our website - prior to bringing in your clothing. During intake we also consider our current inventory levels and current trends. 

Dawn Ultra

Year-Round Items: 

Mid-weight fabrics & non-seasonal patterns
Active wear, one-piece swimsuits, jeans, rain jackets, professional wear, lingerie & under garments (new with tags only).


An in-between month when we no longer take heavy winter clothing, yet we’re not quite ready for spring items, so we focus on year-round, mid-weight attire. The type of items we take will depend on our current inventory. Our storewide sale is the first full weekend in February and no consignment is accepted the week prior to the sale, so definitely check our website for updated information.


spring icon


Months: February – April

Fabrics: Mid- to light-weight fabrics including cotton, linen, gauze, acrylic, rayon, poly blends

Holidays: Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Kentucky Derby (hats)

New Items: lighter weight pieces, khakis, linens, sleeveless dresses (but not summer), pastels, capris (March), sandals (March), two-piece & tankini swimsuits, prom dresses

No More: wools, heavy knits, sweater dresses, tall boots (except cowgirl)

Summer Icon


Months: May – July 

Fabrics: Light-weight, natural fabrics, linens, gauze

Holidays: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day/Picnics, Pride, Independence Day, SeaFair

New Items: shorts (May & June only), sandals, sun dresses, tank tops, swimsuit separates, beach cover-ups, sun hats

No more: Leather or fleece jackets, suede fabrics, ankle boots


An in-between month when we no longer take summer pieces but are not quite ready for fall items, so we focus on year-round, mid-weight attire. Our inventory is often quite high prior to our August storewide sale so we may be very selective in certain categories. No consignment is accepted the week prior to the sale (the fourth full weekend in Aug), so definitely check our website for updated information.




Months: Late August (after storewide sale) – October

Fabrics: Mid-weight fabrics, leather, corduroy, fleece, flannel, light-weight wools

Holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumnal colors & prints

New Items: Leather pieces, boots (ankle & tall), mid-weight jackets & coats, rain gear, sweater dresses

No more: summer items, shorts, capris, sandals, swimsuit separates (one-pieces only), open-toe shoes unless for special occasion wear



Months: October – December

Fabrics: Mid- & heavy-weight fabrics, leather, corduroy, fleece, flannel, wools

Holidays: Thanksgiving, Winter & Holiday prints (Nov to early Dec only)

New Items: Heavy wool knits, cashmere & fine wools, faux & real furs, heavy winter (wools, down) coats, snow gear, winter special occasion pieces including heavy glitter & sequined attire & gowns

No more: Same as fall