NOTE: As of August 15th, we are suspending making new consignment appointments. You can fill out the Consignment Appointment Notification Request to be notified when we start taking consignment appointments again in September. We are balancing COVID restrictions, inventory, staffing levels, and the high demand for consignment appointments, which are currently full through the beginning of October.

How to Consign

Bring your quality used and new items to us - we sell them for you and share the proceeds with you!

We have updated these guidelines based on new health & safety guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that it makes consignment a bit less convenient than before, so we thank you for being patient while we navigate this new environment. We will continue to post updates if any further changes are made.

Learn more about how to maximize your consignment success from our Consignment Best Practices Series.



Select your items based on the following criteria:

  • Clothing sizes 14 & up, shoes size 8 & up, and all accessories
  • Ready for sale:
    • Washed and ironed or dry cleaned
    • No stains, odors or pet hair
    • Free of visible wear
    • Working zippers and all buttons attached
  • Hanging. All clothing must be on hangers. Shoes & accessories can be in bags or other containers. We will return hangers by request. We have some free hangers available as well.
  • Contemporary clothing: primarily purchased within the last few years. We do take some select vintage pieces.
  • Seasonally appropriate: we are currently taking light- & mid-weight year-round items. Please review our criteria on the Fall consignment post.
  • Quality brands: There are some brands that we do not accept based on the low original retail price, including most brands from Target, Walmart and other discount stores. View a list of brands we do not accept in on our FAQ page.


We review your items and confirm the number of items taken for consignment. Items we are unable to consign will be returned to you by appointment or will be donated to our affiliated non-profit Seattle Women's Assistance Fund (SWAF). We may reject items if they are stained, soiled, out-of-date or in ill repair as well as in consideration of our currently inventory. Please review our Donation & Drop-Off Policy on our FAQs page.

The first time you consign you will complete a Consignment Agreement and will need to show a picture ID. You will always receive a receipt of the number of items we accepted for consignment.


Consignment Period

Once accepted, items are entered into our database and an inventory list with pricing and expiration date is emailed. Your items are available for sale for 100 days.

During the majority of your consignment period, your inventory will be sold at full price. Before they expire, items are reduced to 25%, 50% and 75% off for varying periods of time. In addition we have sales & special promotions to increase sale volumes. We will get the best possible price for your items.

As items sell, you receive 40% of the sale price and your account balance will accrue. We do not notify you when items sell, but you can contact us at any time for your account balance.



When you have a balance on your account, you may purchase items in-store and receive a 25% store credit bonus on your available account balance.

If you chose to receive a payment at the end of your consignment period, a check is mailed within 7-10 days of the expiration date.

At the end of your 100-day consignment period, unsold items may be claimed by appointment. You must contact us 7 days prior to the expiration date on your inventory list. Items not claimed by the expiration date become the sole property of Two Big Blondes. Unclaimed items are donated through Seattle Women's Assistance Fund (SWAF) to local low-income and homeless women.