January Consignment

In January we're beginning a shift away from winter clothing but it's not quite Spring yet either. Based on available inventory, we will continue to take the following winter items with an emphasis on current styles in excellent condition:
  • leather pieces
  • lightweight wool & cashmere
  • boots
  • coats & jackets - primarily current styles including rain/snow jackets or lightweight puffer/ down jackets

We will NOT be taking:

  • heavy/ thick wool items
  • sweater or heavy-weight dresses
  • holiday special occasion attire including heavily beaded/sequined & velvet pieces
  • Winter & Christmas-themed attire

In addition, we will take year-round clothing pieces including jeans, short + long-sleeve blouses, mid-weight sweaters, jean jackets, closed-toe shoes, one-piece swimsuits, special occasion wear, etc.

In February we'll turn to accepting lighter Spring items - read more in our February Consignment post.

As usual, please review the consignment guidelines and contact us if you have any questions. To make an appointment, fill out our Consignment Appointment Request Form.

Read about what type of items we take each season in our Consignment Best Practices: Seasonality post.