Consignment Best Practices: Top Sellers

We’re sharing strategies for consignment success in our Consignment Best Practices Series. These are general guidelines - please always check our Consignment Page for current information.

We're often asked what sells best in our store. There are definitely top categories, sizes & brands, but also items that sell quickest or at the highest price point. These are also going to be items that we're more likely to take for consignment, especially when our inventory is full.


These figures only tell part of the story for maximizing your sales and what makes Two Big Blondes a fun place to shop.

In terms of pure volume, casual tops & dresses are our top sellers. But nothing brings more excitement than a unique, one-of-a-kind item. Part of the fun of Two Big Blondes is that we have items purchased from all over the world at a variety of stores and from different eras. We focus mainly on contemporary pieces, but do take interesting pieces from all eras.


The top sellers by volume reflects what sells the most, but is also based on higher inventory available. For example, we have more Lane Bryant & Torrid items available, so clearly more of those brands will sell.

categories chart


  1. Shirts
  2. Dresses
  3. Pants & Jeans
  4. Jewelry

Shirts are far & above any other category for the volume we sell. Next in line (by about half) are dresses. When taken together, pants & jeans  are third, but when counted separately, pants, skirts & jeans are very close to each other in volume of sales.

Accessories are hard to count by category because there are many varieties. Overall jewelry came in forth but half of jewelry sales were earrings with necklaces & rings coming next.

top selling brand labels


  1. Lane Bryant
  2. Eileen Fisher
  3. Torrid
  4. Chico's
  5. Talbots

These brands top the list in both the total number of items sold and the amount in sales. More Lane Bryant items are sold and Eileen Fisher pieces are priced higher so they bring in more total sales, but both are very popular items in terms of what is brought in by consignment and what sells.

size chart


  1. 20/22*
  2. 18
  3. 16
  4. 24

The most common sizes for both what comes in and sell are 16-22. That being said, we are often most "in need" of sizes 26 and up, as fewer pieces actually come in for consignment in those sizes.

These numbers include both regular sizing (18) and women's sizing (18W) as well as petite & tall sizes.

*A note about size 20 - we convert most 2X to a 22 in our system. Some brands categorize a 2X as 20W or 20/22, but it would show up in our system as a 22.


These top-sellers are perhaps more interesting because they demonstrate what brands have a better likelihood of selling. You can look at these brands and combine them with the top-selling categories & sizes to figure out what has the highest percentage of selling. In these rankings, I looked at the highest ranking from the top 100 brands, excluding rare designers that may have only had a couple of items come in, which would skew percentages. I also only focused on clothing brands (not shoes or accessories).

top brands
top brands

top % sold

  1. bryn Walker
  2. Yazdi
  3. Zella
  4. ASOS
  5. Modcloth
  6. Citron
  7. City Chic

All of these clothing brands hit the 75% or higher mark for percentage of items sold.

Fastest sold

  1. Forever 21+
  2. Yazdi
  3. Zella
  4. Modcloth
  5. City Chic
  6. Citron

This list shows which clothing brands sold the fastest, all of which on average sold during the first half of our 100-day consignment.

average price

  1. Lafayette 148
  2. Misook
  3. Citron
  4. Adrianna Papell
  5. Eileen Fisher
  6. Alex Evenings
  7. Nic + Zoe
  8. Universal Standard

The average sale price reflects all items sold and at what price point, even including items that sold on discount.

If you take the top in average price and combine that with a higher percentage sold, you can see Citron is a very popular brand. And while Eileen Fisher didn't make the top in terms of percentage sold, the gross volume is higher, which makes those two brands (especially shirts) a very likely sale.

A few more popular items that aren't reflected in the top-sellers analysis include caftans, bodysuits, and African prints. We also have a wish list to notify customers when items they are looking for come in for consignment. Ongoing wish list requests include St. John knits, Rothy shoes & Louis Vuitton purses (authentic and replica) - among others!

*These statistics were taken from 2019 & early 2020 data.