Bag Sale Tips

At our bi-annual FILL-A-BAG SALE you get to fill a 13-gallon bag with clothing, shoes & accessories for just $10 per bag!

August 2021 $10 FILL-A-BAG SALE: Two Days, Two Options
* Masks required.
* 13-gallon bags provided.
* Located downstairs in our basement. Enter through our parking lot.
* Proceeds benefit Seattle Women's Assistance Fund.

DAY ONE: Thursday, August 26th - you MUST register online for an appointment. Appointments will be one hour each between 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. Ten people maximum per hour & two bags maximum per person. 

REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL! We will announce if there are any additional openings on Monday, August 23rd and will re-open registration at 12:00 noon on 8/23. Watch this space for more info.

DAY TWO: Saturday, August 28th 11AM- ALL NEW ITEMS! First come, first serve - you will receive a number when you arrive and can leave & come back before we open at 11AM. We will be limiting occupancy, so it may take longer to get into the sale. There will be no bag maximum per person.


If you haven't been to a bag sale before, here are some tips to help you navigate the sale.

  • Entrance to the bag sale is through the parking lot and is held downstairs in our basement. You will need to be able to walk down a flight of concrete steps.
  • Come early to find the best selection! People do start lining up as early as 7-8:00 am. We will hand out numbers when you arrive, so you can leave and come back closer to opening time. You can only receive a number if you are present. You cannot receive additional numbers for friends. We will also be stopping the line going in when the basement is full** and then allow more to go down as others leave. In the past you needed to be in line by 10AM to get into the first group down.
  • We provide the bags. Before we open, we'll pass out bags and write your name on them. You can guess how many bags you may want, but you are not committing to buying that many and you can always get more if necessary. There is a 4 bag maximum per person until 2:00 pm.
  • Bring Cash! The fastest way to pay downstairs is to pay with cash. If you need to pay with a card you will leave your bags in the basement & go to the main floor to pay at the register (sometimes a long wait). We prefer if you can pay for the bags and take them to your car if you have one. We can help carry bags to cars if you need assistance. Otherwise you can leave them in the basement and come back to pick up after shopping and/or paying in the store. We do NOT have room in the main store to hold your bags.
  • Items are organized by size in 3 categories: tops, bottoms and long items (ie dresses, coats). In addition, there are bins of shoes by size and other accessories. There are no dressing rooms and not a lot of room to try items on. But for $10 a bag, you can always pass along items that don't work out.
  • Be patient, kind with one another, and have fun! We love to see our community helping each other out while finding great deals.

** (a few things may be different because of COVID protocols)

Proceeds from the Bag Sale benefit Seattle Women's Assistance Fund which provides free women's clothing to homeless and low-income Seattle-area residents.

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    1. Hi Janice! Once you arrive in the line you will receive a number. You can then go to your car or a coffee shop, etc to wait until about 10:40 for our 11am open. Or some people bring chairs to sit on too!

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