Sunday Hours Extended!

As we’re coming towards the end of summer, I’m happy to announce that I’ve decided to keep our new Sunday hours in-effect. While it’s still a bit of an experiment, we have received a load of positive feedback about being open on Sundays. There are some days that are very quiet…which is why I am keeping staff to just two of us for now. I will continue to take consignment by appointment only to keep the work-load manageable. If we see more action that may change!!

I am also hoping that being open on Sundays will continue to help ease the impact of our limited week-day street parking – but remember, we have a parking lot behind our store on 25th Avenue!! I also requested a new loading zone on the Jackson Street side of the building. I hope that means there is more flexibility for you all when dropping off your items.

The end of August does bring to a close our extended Wednesday hours. As the darkness encroaches in the fall & winter, it makes more sense to keep the daylight hours available but keep our closing hours to 6:00 pm. I am open to hearing feedback about how the extended 7:00pm close worked for you! And stay tuned, I am working on another plan to bring some other extended weekday evening hours to you all.


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