Spring Consignment

Spring Consignment Info

We are currently scheduling consignment appointments in early May - April appointments are full.

Months: February – April

Fabrics: Mid- to light-weight fabrics including cotton, linen, gauze, acrylic, rayon, poly blends

Holidays: Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Kentucky Derby (hats)

New Items: lighter weight pieces, khakis, linens, sleeveless dresses (but not summer), pastels, capris (starting March), sandals (March), two-piece & tankini swimsuits, prom dresses

No More: wools, heavy knits, sweater dresses, tall boots (except cowgirl)

We'll continue to take all-weather / year-round clothing pieces including jeans, short + long-sleeve blouses, light + mid-weight sweaters, closed-toe shoes, one-piece swimsuits, and rain jackets. We'll also take some lightweight leather jackets and ankle boots.

No capris or sandals until March and very summery items like shorts and summer dresses should wait until May.

We are specifically in need of the following categories & wish list items:

  • BRIGHT COLORS - bright, bold & neon colors are selling fast!
  • SHOES - we are in need of all size shoes (8 & up), but especially size 11 & up.
  • PERFUME - always a fast seller, bottles should be at least 3/4 full. We have specific requests for Jo Malone & Michael Kors.
  • JUMPSUITS - in particular boiler suits.
  • SWIMSUITS size 26 & up
  • WISH LIST ITEMS - See our Wish List post for items customers are specifically looking for!


To balance our inventory, if we are full on certain categories we will be very selective when reviewing incoming consignment. Inventory can change within a few weeks, so something we might take one week can be different a few weeks later. The following categories are currently very full:

  • ACTIVEWEAR sizes 14 - 18, especially leggings
  • BRAS size 44 band

As usual, please review the consignment guidelines and contact us if you have any questions. To make an appointment, fill out our Consignment Appointment Request Form.

Read about what type of items we take each season in our Consignment Best Practices: Seasonality post.