Fall & Winter consignment

In November & December we'll continue taking fall and are now taking winter pieces, including:

  • Leather pieces
  • Boots (tall & ankle)
  • Heavier fabrics such as flannel, fleece & corduroy
  • Winter coats & rain jackets
  • 100% wool & cashmere items
  • down & fur (genuine & faux) coats
  • snow hats, gloves, pants, coats & boots
  • holiday special occasion attire including heavily beaded/sequined & velvet pieces
  • Winter holiday-themed attire such as "ugly" Christmas sweaters

PLEASE NOTE: We have been VERY busy with consignment this fall. In fact this whole year the Marie Kondo / minimalist movement has meant more consignment & donations than ever. While we're very excited to have so many wonderful items to choose from, we are also trying to keep a balance inventory and time to enter all the new items. Please understand that we sometimes turn away items that have nothing "wrong" with them, we're only able to take what we feel is most likely to sell and evens out our inventory needs.

We are currently booked for appointments of 30 or more items through early January. Please review your items before bringing them in to make sure they are clean, only gently used and are seasonally appropriate.

VERY FULL categories: Areas we are very full and will be very selective (consider waiting until after our December or February sales depending on seasonality):

  • Size XL/16 in most categories - we get the most in these sizes yet they do not sell as much as sizes 18 - 24.
  • Active wear size 14-18
  • Black pants in size 16 & 22

NEED MORE categories: We have more space & can take more items in these particular areas:

  • Shirts size 18 & up
  • Shoes size 9, 10, 12 & up
  • Lingerie & camisoles
  • Trendy / Junior fashions
  • Size 26 & up items

As usual, please review the consignment guidelines and contact us if you have any questions.